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标题: How will Miles Kwok be disposed of after Biden becomes President? [打印本页]

作者: ThLim    时间: 2021-2-18 10:18     标题: How will Miles Kwok be disposed of after Biden becomes President?

The new year has passed by like always, but with fewer people celebrating on the street.some people did rejoice outside though, we dared not. After all, life matters. We have to stay at home and have some fun with ourselves. Then a question just popped out of my mind: Now that Biden has sworn in as the President, how will he deal with the Chinese fugitive Miles Kwok(aka Guo Wengui who was active in supporting Trump during the presidential election)? Are there any bystanders like me who are curious about this?

Miles Kwok has done quite a lot of ridiculous things since he fled to the United States to run away from China's arrest. Especially after his entanglement with Bannon, a variety of tricks emerged one after another, such as GTV, Gnews, "Take Down the CCP", "Whistleblower Movement" and "New Federal State of China". For Kwok, it seems that his day is in vain without stirring up any news.

I can't figure out why Bannon was willing to work with Miles Kwok.Bannon was a successful financier who once worked for Goldman Sachs,an adviser to Trump for election and a former senior official of the Trump administration. More importantly, he was a thorough nationalist who never concealed himself a white supremacist or a far-rightist. However, Kwok was a dishonest and unscrupulous liar, a profit-oriented businessman who failed, a fugitive wanted by Interpol, a yellow race in the eyes of white people, and a minorityin America. Generally speaking, Kwok should be the object of Bannon's disdain and vomiting. But they seem to be good "faithful allies". How can Bannon think so highly of Kwok?

Definitely,the answer lies in the fact that they found the common interest and reached a tacit agreement for mutual benefit. Kwok, who regards Bannon as a supporter of his stay in the United States, is quite loyal to Bannon. There is no doubt about that, while considering Bannon, atypical proud red neck, became a "faithful pal" with Chinese, I have every reason to question the sincerity of their friendship. In the final analysis, Bannon is more likely to treat Miles Kwok as a pawn for his overall anti-China and anti-Communism attempt.

So in recent years, as long as you turn on your mobile phone, computer, or log on Twitter and Facebook, there will always be several tweets related to Kwok and Bannon. In luxury villas and yachts, wearing a suit and leather shoes, facing the camera with fine red wine and champagne, they talked about the so-called "inside scoop" and "black curtain" of China and the Communist Party of China. Nevertheless, time revealed their untruthfulness and tricks at last.

However, Kwok and Bannon are still addicted to their "Whistleblower Movement". In 2020, a new member, Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's lawyer, joined them, and the year 2020 happened to be the year of the presidential election, so it became more heated and noisy. How can we say that? Bannon and Giuliani are both Trump's senior "faithful fans", and it is undoubtedly an outstanding achievement to offer advice for the boss's election campaign and help him get re-elected. Therefore, they would unquestionably seize this opportunity.

Given western people's inflexible way of thinking, we can guess that Kwok, who is smart, flexible and skilled, finally proposed the idea of "whistleblowing to help win the  re-election". Before that, the "Whistleblower Movement" had been adhering to the route of "Whistleblowing China and overturning the Communist Party", then it suddenly switched to the new model of "overturning America, overturning the Democratic Party and overturning Biden".

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